I relate very much to what David and Jo are saying here, particularly Jo’s reflections on her mind and it curious ways of thinking/being. I’ve always retreated back to my internal dialogue from childhood to adulthood. It’s the place I feel I can be truly authentic and say what it really is.

Jo's Journeys


David: Some days seem to be haunted by words. Today the word phrenology has been stalking my steps. Phrenology heads – three-dimensional maps of a fictional science – stared down at me in the barber’s chair and as I walked home, their eyes followed from the junk shop and the alternative clinic. When I got in the word leapt from the radio and then sprang from the book on Victorian forensic practice I am reading. When words follow you, loom like this, they seem to become extra potent. Laden with message and mystery that I am too dumb to grasp. Whether I wanted it or not, phrenology was today’s word and I have been musing on the idea that maybe we do need modern phrenology maps of our heads for navigation purposes.

Jo: Oh how I would love to have a map for the inside of my head – but…

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Be Our Guest

Idyllic (Suit SU52 Laura Ashley Catalogue Spring 1985)Projector LampThe Highgate hooverDust 1Red Feather DusterGreen latex gloveGreen latex glove 2Be our guest Invite (Page 01)

Be our guest Invite (Page 02)

A new and alternative Bed & Breakfas opening it’s doors at Oriel Davies in Newtown, Powys. Along with 33 other artists, I will be showing work exploring the cleaning cupboard.
I have worked with two local B&Bs; Plas Canol and Highgate, photographing their cleaning routines and collected hoover dust. From these explorations I have created a slide projection, a series of layered drawings on tracing paper, drawings using hoover dust and a small film. I am indebted to the generosity, openness and kindness of Jean Bird at Plas Canol and Chris and Sarah at Highgate in assisting me. In addition I am very grateful for all the support of the curator, Alex Boyd in this process.

ARC Symposium – The Artist in The City

I was recently commissioned to attend the ARC Symposium titled The Artist in The City at The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry and to write a report for Coventry Artspace who organised the event, which, explored the culmination of a year long programme developed by Coventry Artspace called ARC (Artist Research Commissions). Five artists/curators/ creatives were appointed to run projects in Coventry. The vision for ARC was to investigate how Coventry Artspace currently works as an organisation in the city and how it might develop in the future . The appointees and projects were HIJACK (Nikki Pugh), GENERATE (Miriam Craig-Horan), TRANSFORM ( Rob Hewitt, Redhawk Logistica), UNITE (Anne Forgan) and PIONEER (Andrew T. Cross)

For more information please reference my report ARC Symposium – The Artist Behind The City

For more information about Coventry Artspace please follow the links;