Be Our Guest

Idyllic (Suit SU52 Laura Ashley Catalogue Spring 1985)Projector LampThe Highgate hooverDust 1Red Feather DusterGreen latex gloveGreen latex glove 2Be our guest Invite (Page 01)

Be our guest Invite (Page 02)

A new and alternative Bed & Breakfas opening it’s doors at Oriel Davies in Newtown, Powys. Along with 33 other artists, I will be showing work exploring the cleaning cupboard.
I have worked with two local B&Bs; Plas Canol and Highgate, photographing their cleaning routines and collected hoover dust. From these explorations I have created a slide projection, a series of layered drawings on tracing paper, drawings using hoover dust and a small film. I am indebted to the generosity, openness and kindness of Jean Bird at Plas Canol and Chris and Sarah at Highgate in assisting me. In addition I am very grateful for all the support of the curator, Alex Boyd in this process.


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