I relate very much to what David and Jo are saying here, particularly Jo’s reflections on her mind and it curious ways of thinking/being. I’ve always retreated back to my internal dialogue from childhood to adulthood. It’s the place I feel I can be truly authentic and say what it really is.

Jo's Journeys


David: Some days seem to be haunted by words. Today the word phrenology has been stalking my steps. Phrenology heads – three-dimensional maps of a fictional science – stared down at me in the barber’s chair and as I walked home, their eyes followed from the junk shop and the alternative clinic. When I got in the word leapt from the radio and then sprang from the book on Victorian forensic practice I am reading. When words follow you, loom like this, they seem to become extra potent. Laden with message and mystery that I am too dumb to grasp. Whether I wanted it or not, phrenology was today’s word and I have been musing on the idea that maybe we do need modern phrenology maps of our heads for navigation purposes.

Jo: Oh how I would love to have a map for the inside of my head – but…

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