Collecting sounds

I visited Aberystwyth on Monday to see Gwen John’s letters again and to collect some ambient sounds from the reading room. It was a beautiful day and the drive there was wonderful. Lots of soft colours on the hills and there was a nice muted light.

I found some new letters which I hadn’t seen before that were interesting. These were later letters that documented John’s immersion in faith & religion. At times it felt like her devotion to Rodin was replaced by one to God. I admire her self sufficiency, her willingness to live without many things in order to pursue her work. Now that is admirable but in that period she was really going against the grain of society.  




These beautiful binoculars were waiting for me in an antique shop and they are perfect for the Gwen John project. On the eyepiece is inscribed, ‘Iris, Paris’. The age of them seems to fit with the time that John was in Paris and I will be thinking about how I might use them in the show.