Fata Morgana: A Walk at Allhallows with Clio Barnard and Andrew Kötting

HipstamaticPhoto-552483555.466789-1Anna and ClioOn allhallows with Clio and AK JPGCopy -Pil box allhallowsCopy -mudflats at AllhallowsCopy = AK an CB sitting on the shoreline JPGLocation: Allhallows on Sea towards St.Mary’s Bay

Images: C.Barnard, A.Kötting and A.Falcini (Copyright) July 2018


Did you kill it?

Very dangerous

is it a tiny boat?

Row, Row your Boat

by nature and it raised me

sometimes its purple

It’s like an old man’s wig

An owl’s feathers

Rhythmic sound of footsteps

Crunchy footsteps on cockleshells

Is she still live

Walk on, Walk on

lives near Southampton and swims a lot

from Hastings to Oxford

whalebone box

storm water

oil refineries at Canvey Island

Tilbury down there with all the cranes

obsessed with Dartford Crossing

if you could bottle that

it does evaporate

the sound of the crickets

talking about mnemonics

There’s a credence

going to Sheppey

sitting on Shellness

They’re branded on the brain

really, really, really misty

classical Indian music

I’m talking too much

you can’t actually walk on the mud

the land collapses

it’s secret

I don’t know the answer

its about trauma and memory

the Dogs

eradicate it

its not futile

a dead thing and a flower

The ruins of places


Olympics debacle

sadistic admiration

carcasses of cars burnt out in the landscape

sheep on the marshes

Laura Ashley, William Morris, Old School

A British anti-town

picture postcard

posh Kent

6 part TV series.

six kids on the marshes

paper mill in Sittingbourne

tusky, weird, ugly pigs

of mirages where it might even be floating

marginalized land

completely lost


marsh fever


a herbalist and geologist


broken oversized Christmas bauble

Snakes and owls

mudflats shimmering

a stabilizing memory

continual returning back

(horizon in the midday sun)

Fata morgana

The curlews, they’re totally evocative

the sea like an amphibian

tanker’s floating on the horizon

you with a butterfly net

You get that fresh water mite


In this place, I am never stifled

demarcating a boundary

pissing it, like a dog

to identify a plant

Sage, menthol? Marsh mint?

Crackling sound – The sea, very slowly coming in.

Alligator. Eaten its way out.

a sinister sound

bury into my connection

mass of flies

emancipation. I’d buried the memory. It resurfaced.

a memory line, it’s resurfaced through this place

escaping up an oak tree

Robin Hood,


Jonny Weismuller

Conflation of memories.

(the tide) It’s come in really fast

Boats in Allhallows.

Knock head on the pillow 5 times

Blubber houses.

Entering Leisure Park. 1:03:00.