These beautiful binoculars were waiting for me in an antique shop and they are perfect for the Gwen John project. On the eyepiece is inscribed, ‘Iris, Paris’. The age of them seems to fit with the time that John was in Paris and I will be thinking about how I might use them in the show.  



Talking to Gwen

These are recent works which I am developing for my upcoming show at Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown, Wales which have evolved from my residency last year at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. During my residency I discovered Gwen John’s draft letters in the archive of the National Library of Wales. I am making a series of drawings that take the structure of the protective book which holds the letters as inspiration to develop a form based upon the technique of ‘tipping in’. The drawings will be multiples collected into thematic groups. Among my interests are John’s letters to Rodin, her lover in Paris. The first drawing takes a cue from Rodin’s sculpture, ‘The Lovers’. 

The Erasure of John Baskerville Exhibition & Micro Residency

Baskerville Poster copyI have an exhibition and micro residency at the University of Birmingham on Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th March 2015 from 10:00 – 17:00 called The Erasure of John Baskerville.

I will be showing drawings and interventions on the Ground Floor of the Arts Building (R16) exploring the legacy of the typographer, John Baskerville who lived in Birmingham in the 18th Cenury. I will also be making work in situ, in response to words heard at the Beauty of Letters Conference. Working in the Baskerville font, I will render these words onto lengths of paper.

The conference will be a fantastic event with many superb speakers including Lynda Mugglestone, Jenny Uglow and Susan Whyman and is organised by Professor Caroline Archer (BCU) and Professor Malcom Dick (UoB).

Black Spots

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledAcross the south-east of England during the 18th century vicars rarely lived in their marshland parishes, often because of malaria (Dobson 2003, 295) and Dobson concludes that marsh parishes were ‘the most notorious of all black spots during the early modern period’ (ibid 287).

Carpenter. E, Newsome, S., Small, F. & Hazell, Z., 2013. Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project, Swindon: English Heritage.

Code 10 Film

Code 10 considers the methods for archiving the Welsh language at the National Library of Wales. During my residency at Aberystwyth, I received a parking ticket, a bi-lingual piece of literature that triggered thoughts of how language is used and preserved. The National Library of Wales located in Aberystwyth and dedicated to the archiving of Welsh culture and language became the backdrop for the film, exploring the spaces and processes for preserving the culture of Wales.