Listening Posts

Listening Posts explored the interaction between a woodland at Dinmore Hill, Herefordshire and a Victorian Railway Tunnel, passing directly underneath it. Anna became fascinated with the polarities of the wood and the tunnel and wondered if there were any points of interaction. Walking in the woodland she came across a sighting tower used to construct the initial railway tunnel. Brick shafts, sunk by navvies to create the tunnel were visible in the wood and appeared to be the key points of connection.

Documenting the site through video, photography and sound on subsequent visits brought to light the subtleties of exchanges which often occurred between tunnel and wood. Temperate air changes between the air from the shafts and the wood were critical aspects of connection.

Text based work and photographs were installed at The Waiting Room, Platform 2 at Hereford Railway Station in 2009 and have remained as a permanent body of work.

Listening Posts Listening Posts Listening Post Listening PostsListening Posts Listening Posts


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