Lost (Rope)

Untitled (Ravel Series)

Untitled 2 (Ravel Series)

Knot Single Rope


2 thoughts on “Lost (Rope)

  1. hi anna hope you have a lovely xmas just looked at your website it,s very interesting, in the concepts, especially the piece which you have entitled Rope, in nautical terms they are called, especially the very wide/thick ones hausers . As they have all been unravelled to get them back to their original state would have to be whipped, meaning laid onto a surface then spliced (Cut) then using a finer twine, laid directly underneath, brought to the front, crossed over left to right, then put behind, then crossed over again, brought to the front and repeated several times as aforementioned at least for an inch in length, until secure and tidy then cut with a sharp knife, finishing with a half hitch to secure the ends. this is called in the navy as seamanship.

  2. Hi Wendy, Merry Xmas to you and hope you enjoy the festive period. Thank you for your comments on the rope pieces. Fascinating to hear the comments in regard to the structure of ropes. They are quite amazing structures. Anna

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