The erasure of John Baskerville

Working towards a small show about John Baskerville to coincide with The Beauty of Letters conference at the University of Birmingham, March 14-15th.

skeleton drawing

detail of skeleton drawing


Black Spots

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledAcross the south-east of England during the 18th century vicars rarely lived in their marshland parishes, often because of malaria (Dobson 2003, 295) and Dobson concludes that marsh parishes were ‘the most notorious of all black spots during the early modern period’ (ibid 287).

Carpenter. E, Newsome, S., Small, F. & Hazell, Z., 2013. Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project, Swindon: English Heritage.

Code 10 Film

Code 10 considers the methods for archiving the Welsh language at the National Library of Wales. During my residency at Aberystwyth, I received a parking ticket, a bi-lingual piece of literature that triggered thoughts of how language is used and preserved. The National Library of Wales located in Aberystwyth and dedicated to the archiving of Welsh culture and language became the backdrop for the film, exploring the spaces and processes for preserving the culture of Wales.

Decommissioning the Familiar

I am in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in the University of Aberystwyth, Penglais Campus from now until 31 August 2014.

Please do come and visit. I have set aside scheduled days on 18/06/14, 23/07/14 and 13/08/14 but if you want to visit outside of these hours, that can be arranged.
I have set up a separate blog

My studio provided for my residency

My studio provided for my residency