Recent Drawings at the New Art Gallery, Walsall

Following on from the Group Occupation residency which I recently completed at the NAGW and in association with Eastside Projects, I made a series of drawings in response to quote that I found in the archive from the inaugural exhibition Blue in 2000. Follow the link to find out more.



Rosalind Fowler

Artist Film Screening | Folk in Her Machine | Rosalind Fowler

SATURDAY 20 April 2013 | 6:30pm | SoundFjord | FREE | RSVP

Premiere of the artist’s latest film work, a work-in-progress called Folk in Her Machine, recently screening (excerpt only) during the recent acclaimed In the Field symposium at the British Library.

Andrej Bako, Sound Recordist and Sound Designer on the film joins Rosalind on the night to explore the film and speak all things sound-related with regard to the film score and its production.

Rosalind Fowler is an artist filmmaker, with a background in film, cultural geography and visual anthropology. She is currently completing a practice-based Phd in film at London College of Communication. The research explores performative folk traditions and wider themes of place and belonging in contemporary Britain. She is particularly interested in experimental ethnographic approaches to filmmaking, and shoots her work on both 16mm Bolex and digital film. Alongside her own practice she has worked at film festivals curating, teaching, and programming events.

Andrej Bako is an artist focusing on the subtleties of sound and the barely perceptible through a practice which centres on field recordings and sound installations. His background is in composition, improvisation and sound recording. He recently completed an MA in Sound Art and has since been selected for ‘Xhibit’ 2013, commissioned for ‘Testing Ground: Disappearing into One’. He is currently co-developing a sound installation for ‘The Public’ art gallery at West Bromwich, UK, alongside his work as a sound recordist on documentary film.